The School Hunters team

Comprises co-founders Claire Holtom and Jessica Macrory ably assisted by our small office team, the School Hunter scouts and the priceless resource of Ian MacGregor.

Between us we offer first-hand experience of the spectrum of UK schools from Church of England primaries, to selective grammars and the big name independents and boarding schools. We also have experience of children with needs which range from ‘gifted and talented’ to classic dyslexia.

After ten years in the corporate world Claire’s experience of her daughter's struggle with a learning difference within a London prep school led her on a nationwide hunt for SEN best practice and inspired a change of direction. Since then she has applied her formidable research skills and tenacity to help other parents understand the British school system and identify suitable schools for their children from infants to senior school teenagers. Living in London for the past twenty years, she has visited schools across the capital and the South East, interviewed Headteachers, talked to pupils and even tasted the odd school dinner. Claire understands that not every family is the same and educational dilemmas can lead to as much anxiety for parents as for children. Her additional training as a counsellor ensures she is both empathic and focused on gaining an understanding of clients' specific needs and hopes. 

Jessica’s professional career began in Hong Kong and Japan. Since then she has re-located several times, latterly with her young daughters including London to Singapore to Oxfordshire within the space of two years. Her determination to school her children at the primary of her choice saw her tackle a rarely successful state school appeals process and win. With former colleagues and family across the globe, Jessica understands the many practical and emotional challenges of re-locating with children. She can advise on schools in both London and her current location of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and the Chilterns. 

Ian MacGregor is an American-born global financier educated at Winchester and Harvard. Multi-lingual, he takes a keen interest in the UK and US educational systems and has applied his analytical skills to our data resources ensuring we are able to make comparisons across schools' key indicators. 

Our promises to you:

  • We will put your child first and at the heart of our search
  • We are parents ourselves and empathise with the many challenges of parenting
  • We are informed, intelligent and knowledgeable. Our expertise derives from a detailed understanding of educational data together with first-hand visits to schools, interviews with Heads and discussions with teachers, parents and pupils
  • We are paid by our clients not the schools we recommend and will always give you our honest opinions
  • We are approachable and can explain the UK school system with clarity
  • We are discreet and offer a completely confidential service
  • We leave no stone unturned