It's the closest school sport to Quidditch, but really, what's the point of lacrosse?

Image credit: Unsplash

Image credit: Unsplash

'Nice school, but what's the point of lacrosse?' confided a mother currently dipping her toe into the all-new waters of secondary school open days and reporting back to me. 

So, is there a point to lacrosse? Writing as I sit and watch my daughter at a “hockey masterclass”, I am hoping that she loves it as much as I did and that it becomes her team sport of choice. 

It can be difficult for girls (let’s hope this is changing) who are good at sport, but not great at sport, to continue playing after they leave school, but some sports more than others do have a local club.  There is a hockey club in my local town, there was a hockey club in Singapore – I’m pretty sure neither had a lacrosse club.

So is it a sport for life? And, setting aside the fact that lacrosse is fast, exhilarating, skilful and the closest thing to Quidditch played outside Hogwarts, is it just a bit old fashioned, a bit intimidatingly "posh" if you've never encountered those funny sticks before?

A level playing field

Actually I realise, it's a brilliant secondary school sport. Because, it’s one of those sports that is generally only played at secondary school and so it offers a completely level playing field. 

It is all too easy for a school to take the easy option: who’s played hockey before? Who’s played on a team before? Who’s played for their county before? And ta-da try outs in September are a bit of a foregone conclusion: the year 7 squad and A team are sorted in an instant.  

So any sport that the majority of pupils has not done prior to entering the school is a bonus.  Lacrosse is great.  Rowing is great too.  And, if it goes really well, we know of really great lacrosse scholarships to US universities... those funny sticks, clearly travel. 

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