today's the day for GCSE results but there's still time for the Sixth Form Swap

It's not too late to switch for the sixth... (image credit: Unsplash)

It's not too late to switch for the sixth... (image credit: Unsplash)

For those entering their GCSE year this September and thinking a change of scene for sixth form might be in order, now is the time to be looking at options, but what of those who are opening their envelopes this morning and having that thought what might seem to be a year late?

We’ve been assisting one such student just this week.  She’s predicted to get great results, is a good all-rounder and one of the most delightful teenagers we’ve ever met, but she’s just not 100 per cent sure her current school is going to suit her next year, so we’ve been hunting around.

Not all the schools we looked at – particularly in the state sector – have been available to speak to us this week, but almost all have been encouraging.  Schools recognise that there will be changes and fully expect last-minute applicants and for their own pupils to change their options, whether because of unexpected results or because summer viewing has inspired them to play more sport, learn Portuguese or qualify in sports law.

Get in touch with schools - today

Each of the schools we spoke to encouraged our client to get in touch on results day, or during the days afterwards, to enquire about places – obviously the sooner the better.  Not one, and we spoke to some very highly regarded schools, said that the sixth form is full.  Some said that spaces on certain courses might be difficult to secure at this late stage – Bunsen burners, language labs, etc, can be fully occupied – but not one gave us an outright 'No'. 

It's not too late until the music stops

The important thing to remember is that all schools have different entry criteria and one of them will suit you.  The most competitive schools have often not filled their places because they’d rather be slightly under capacity than lower their standards.  Other popular schools will have pupils who don’t get expected grades, discover they’re going to need subjects for their degree choices that their school can’t offer, or simply be looking for a change of scene just like you. 

Time is tight, but if you want to make the change, then seize the day – there’s nothing to lose.

And if you need a few ideas as to where now and help in pulling it off in double-quick time, just get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.