11+ reasons to register now for the grammar school 11+

Time to take the plunge and register for the 11+ grammar school test (image credit: Unsplash)

Time to take the plunge and register for the 11+ grammar school test (image credit: Unsplash)

The 11+ tests for coveted grammar school places take place in early September and in most counties, now is the time to be registering to take the test.

Why register for the 11+?

  • Why not?  It’s free.
  • Most counties with grammar schools educate between 10 and 20 per cent of pupils in grammar school – it’s not quite as selective as you might think. 
  • Despite the pressure to tutor, it might well be far better not to  – the schools have been working hard to make their tests more “tutor-proof”. 
  • Don’t worry if you think either your child’s maths or English isn’t good enough to get to grammar school.  The papers are weighted with the aim of admitting the best overall applicants, not the specialists.
  • If your child is relatively young (i.e. was born late in the school year and may still only be 9 years old as you make this decision) then her/his results will be weighted to counteract that relative disadvantage – don’t underestimate your child!
  • Grammar schools are determined to make themselves more accessible to children in care and to those eligible for the Pupil Premium, and in some areas, those children are now offered places based on scores substantially lower than those of other pupils.
  • Taking the test keeps your options open – if your child takes the test and wins a place, you can still choose another school, but at least you had the choice.
  • The 11+ test is a valuable experience, like going for auditions.  Your child can take the test for the experience and not even open the envelope of results.
  • You may be able to apply to a grammar school even if you don’t live in a grammar school county – check the admission criteria for nearby schools.
  • Don’t be daunted – your child may still seem very young in Year 5, but children flourish when they find themselves at the top of the school and you are making a decision for Year 7 and beyond.  Think big.
  • If you’re thinking of applying to a private school, see this as a chance to experience an examination before the test for the school you want.
  • Undecided. Always good to have options. Register now, decide later. 

For most counties, registration for the grammar school tests closes in July – later applications are considered for places only after on-time applicants are offered places, so it’s wise to register on time.

It takes just five minutes to apply – it could be the most productive five minutes of your child’s life so far!