The school dilemmas we help parents to solve every day:

  • “We’re returning to the UK having been abroad for ten years. We’re out of touch with UK schools and could live anywhere within striking distance of Heathrow. Can you find us places for our three children for September?”
  • “We’d like our daughter to attend a state primary school – what are our local options and what can you suggest as a back-up plan in case she isn’t allocated our first choice?”
  • “We’re coming to the UK for a sabbatical year. Where do we start in finding school places for our two children? We have enough to do with packing up our jobs and house”.
  • “Our son is one year old. We’re a bright, ambitious family and want the best for him. How can we get him on track for the prestigious London senior school we have in mind? Is it true we should have registered at birth?”
  • “We’ve just found out our eight year old daughter has dyslexia. She’s bright and we want her to reach her potential but be supported and not feel like she’s failing every day. We need a new school.”
  • “We want to investigate boarding schools for our son. Where do we start? The choice is over-whelming. Neither of us went to boarding school. We’ve heard of pre-tests… are we too late?”
  • “We know about the schools on our door-step, but we realise we only get one chance to choose the right school for our children – are we missing a trick by not looking elsewhere?”

Can we help? Of course.Talk to us and we can recommend the right level of service for your needs.

Looking for a property as well as a school?

So often school hunting and house hunting go together. The service that we offer to parents is personal and tailored to your needs, which is why we're delighted to recommend the following property agents who are able to work with you to remove all of the stress from the property finding process. Each has their specific geographical area of expertise. 

Gavin Moody works with a number of families on a very personal basis to find their perfect country or town house in Kent, Sussex or the Surrey Borders. He has the expertise and contacts to source those elusive properties that are so hard to pin down. He also aims to negotiate the best terms, more than covering his fees.

Gavin is happy to just offer advice on the popular villages and commuter routes, if that's all you need. Click above to reach the Eversby site and contact him directly to tell him what you're looking for.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy in London Foy's can assist with short-listing, viewings and negotiations to secure a new home in the perfect neighbourhood for you. Find out more and meet Dan Foy by clicking above.